about the artist

April is a published fashion photographer and retoucher currently residing in Shediac, NB. She grew up in a small village on the east coast of Canada where she discovered her interest in photography at a very young age. While her passion is fashion photography, she's also made her mark as a skilled retoucher.

Inspired by vintage styles, floral patterns, textures and cooler colors. April captures both elegant and captivating images. She tries to incorporate timeless locations full of character in all of her work. She best expresses her emotions with the use of tones.

April's images continue to appear in magazines such as The Editorial QC, 7Hues, Estela, Féroce, Papercut, Elegant, Elléments, Alchemist just to name a few. 

Photography and retouching clients include, Winsdesign, Smith Cosmetics, Solstice Retouch.

Photographer | Tracey Barnett Kinniburgh

Photographer | Tracey Barnett Kinniburgh