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A portrait of April Cormier the photographer


The Full Story


Hi, I'm April

professional portrait, branding and commercial photographer, slightly obsessed with traveling and cooking.


My childhood was spent in a small coastal town in eastern Canada where inspiration was limitless. As an adult, I moved around quite a bit, which led to a life filled with Personal and Professional 



I'm most passionate about creating striking and captivating work for my clients, and I think it shows!


To sum me up, mum of 2 adopted fur babies, inspired by fashion, coffee drinker, animal lover, mushroom forager, laughter is always the goal, travel enthusiast and off the hook!

A portrait of the photographer April Cormier



As a photographer, I strive to provide my clients with stunning and captivating images for their professional or personal use. While providing them with an exciting and unique photography experience.


Dr. Katie Doucet  / LaRose Aesthetic Clinic / Creativ Realty Inc. / K.D. Real Estate Inc. /  Yellow Door Realty / Social House Media / Beauty Marks by Renee / Salon Boheme / Belle by Joelle / VCG Law / Lavish & Rose / Karine Ruel / Premiere Plumbling & Heating / Horizon Promotion / Bellissima Medical Aesthetics / WinsDesign / Natalie Krishna / Solstice Retouch


Ellements Magazine / 7 Hues Magazine / Elegant Magazine /Estela Magazine / Afi Magazine /Papercut Magazine / Pump Magazine / Eloque Magazine / The Alchemist Magazine / The Editorial QC Magazine.

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